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Timothy Schwab Philippines

Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines

Timothy Schwab

Ophir Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines


Ophirian Heritage Conservatory


Proving the Philippines is

Ophir and the Garden of Eden.

How can anyone claim to prove such a massive find? After years of deep research, The God Culture and Timothy Jay Schwab have proven the Philippines is the ancient land of gold – Ophir, Sheba, and Tarshish. In over 380 pages in The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, 200 pages in Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book, and 250 pages in their Instructional Edition, this group has documented their journey with a comprehensive, complete 300-page Sourcebook as well as over 100 videos on the topic on their YouTube Channel – The God Culture which has over 10 million views. 

They do not submit their work for review from the communities in scholarship and academia who negligently lost the land of gold and continue to cover it up, thinking they somehow have a say in whether TGC found it. They found it, and they document it in major detail and no one can disprove their conclusions nor have they in over 4 years. Those scholars can read the book with everyone else and hopefully, they will follow TGC's advice and prove all things rather than pandering to a false paradigm that has now been squashed.

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The mission


Restore Biblical geography and prophecy becomes clear.

The God Culture's ultimate aim is to educate every Filipino and the world as to the true, very well-documented history of the Philippines which is far more ancient than the arrival of the Spanish, and even they recorded such. Though not easy, this has now been reconstructed and the connections have been there all along mostly obscured in the interpretation of what in rear view seems very inept. There is no suppressing this any further as this truth is already known by too many and this will continue to swell according to prophecy. For Messiah, Himself said so as did Isaiah and Ezekiel. The Philippines, ancient Ophir, Sheba, and Tarshish will rise. We believe there are signs of this purpose already coming into focus. Who were the ancient Filipinos that their history had to be erased? They were literate according to the Spanish yet not a single writing remains from before them. What did these say that were so harmful to the Spanish cause?

Read the book and discover Ophir for yourself.



300 pages of Credible Sources

lead to the Philippines. 

Having fully documented this journey to Ophir, The God Culture and Timothy Jay Schwab have produced a comprehensive Sourcebook of the sources used to locate Ophir and that does not include all the Bible passages in which they cover in detail as well. History, geography, archaeology, science, linguistics all align with the Bible on this topic and all lead to the Philippines and nowhere else on Earth. This team fully assesses even the other claims which you will find are all easily and quickly dismantled as having no weight in scholarship nor academia and one must wonder how one calling themselves academic nor scholarly could arrive at such major conclusions based on little to no research at all. Sometimes their entire case hinges on one etymology of another language even with no connection to Hebrew nor the story. This becomes obvious almost as if they have no desire to find Ophir but instead to please a paradigm that lost the entire land of gold in history. And some call them credible... and then, question TGC's very credible findings none of them have ever undertaken? May we all find the truth in all things. 

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