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Timothy Schwab Philippines

Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines

Timothy Schwab

Ophir Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab

Biography of Timothy Schwab Philippines

Biography of Timothy Jay Schwab Philippines


Ophirian Heritage Conservatory




   Timothy Jay Schwab, with his Filipina wife Anna, is the author of the books The Search for King Solomon's Treasure: The Lost Isles of Gold and the Garden of Eden, Instruction Edition: The Search for King Solomon's Treasure, and Ophir Philippines Coffee Table Book, all supported by a 300-page SOURCEBOOK of very credible sources no one can disprove. They have founded the Ophir Institute in the Philippines to restore this knowledge. Also, Timothy and Anna are Curators for The Book of Jubilees: The Torah Calendar founding The Levite Bible which is a project working to restore Dead Sea Scrolls understanding. This is over 1,400 pages of content and they have produced over 250 YouTube teaching videos as well while conducting over 30 conferences since May 2019 with as many as over 5,500 in attendance. They are the founders of The God Culture Research Team working to restore especially biblical geography and history operating internationally but based in the Philippines.

   Timothy Jay Schwab is an author, researcher, speaker, singer/songwriter, screenwriter, former minister, and successful publisher with about 30 years of experience in each discipline. Timothy Jay Schwab lives in the Philippines with his beautiful wife, Anna Zamoranos-Schwab, a Filipina who works with him. The couple met at church in Florida where they ministered together for two years before deciding to court leading to marriage. After extensive prayer and vetting by the large church in which they ministered, they were married in that church by those pastors following Biblical and civil laws. Do not entertain libelous fake news sites and channels on any topic when they are inept in understanding Matthew 5 and Matthew 19 actually affirming the Law of Moses' interpretation of reasons for divorce from Deuteronomy 24 of which this couple has been vetted and approved by appropriate, Biblical authorities including Jesus in His own words.  Anyone who cannot read the word "except" and understand it, is not one who should be listened to on any topic as they clearly have no desire to understand the Bible and when they change the words of Messiah and His meaning He explains, they are frauds. Steer clear.

   In his extensive experience of almost 30 years in publishing and over 30 years in ministry, Timothy leads an international research team that focuses on restoring Biblical geography. Using a very profound scientific method, they have been able to articulate a strong position on the location of these famed isles of gold – Ophir, Sheba, and Tarshish. Over four years ago, their group began documenting their journey on YouTube, and over 10 million views later, the channel continues to grow. Together with his Filipina wife Anna and their team of researchers, The God Culture continues to provide content on YouTube in deep studies especially in Hebrew and restoring Biblical geography including the land of gold, the Garden of Eden, Rivers from Eden, Land of Adam and Eve – Havilah, Land of Creation, home of John the Baptist including restoring Qumran’s Biblical name, Lost Tribes of Israel migrations, mapping Noah’s division of the earth from the Book of Jubilees, Gog of Magog’s seat of power and allied nations, the peoples involved in the Psalm 83 War, location of Noah’s ark landing, unveiling Revelation 11 and 12, etc. and all with great revelation amending modern scholarship much of the time proving out each point along the way. As their first topic, Solomon’s Gold Series which found Ophir has not been disproven in over four years, this research group has been validated to offer valuable insight.

   Note, one saying "nuh-uh" is not disproving. Somehow, some academics think that is all they have to do and TGC demands they act grown-up and examine the full evidence and conclusions and they must deal with this whether they like it or not. These books and videos challenge all traditional views on these locations as it unfolds the true geography in a very methodical way yet this is not a new find as the world once knew this. It is certainly not new doctrine but the original, Biblical positions restored. If your pastor or whoever does not know this, demand they prosecute our case because they will be unable to disprove it as well and they need to learn as we all do. Anyone who has arrived at a place where they have stopped learning fits Peter's definition of willing ignorance (2 Pet. 3). No title ever lends credibility, only pure, valid research and positions can. This is why TGC does not seek consensus among those who have conceded to ignorance and then, stand firmly on such a position they have never even proven themselves. Often, the scholars they follow prove quickly as shallow and inept on such topics. They know little of these topics most of the time and TGC proves that often. Why would anyone expect the very discipline which lost the entire Land of Gold and the Garden of Eden to somehow manifest it? That is laughable. Even funnier, how exactly could they then be given the authority to approve something they already proved negligent in conducting such authority? No thank you. No wonder the Philippines has struggled with its identity. 

   The God Culture knows this research for some odd reason invites attacks from those who deeply hate the Philippines and wish to keep it in the Dark Ages of Colonialism and even see it fail. That is sad of any country. They cannot stop this knowledge from spreading and the Philippines from awakening. However, test those and they many times quickly prove themselves as frauds as they will commit even illegal acts to peddle their propaganda and much of that is communist-tied to China wishing to become yet another Colonial head of the Philippines as evidenced by their outright illegal encroachment actions in the South China Sea. The God Culture has no interest in such thinking but desires to see the truth restored. They will continue to teach the Bible and history as researchers. TGC does not preach, they research and delineate that which tests as fact or at least very strong theory. This is not entertainment, they prove and ask you to prove all things for yourself (1 Thess. 5:21). Test it. 

   In the coming years, there are multiple projects on the way from this group and they look forward to continuing to learn as well. May we all find the truth. Yah Bless.

Davao | Oct. 2019

Timothy Schwab teaches Ophir is not a legend but a real land supported by archaeology, history and the Bible.

Bulacan | May 2019

Timothy Schwab speaks at a conference at CROSSWorld Church in Meycauayan, Bulacan, Philippines in 2019.  

Paranaque | May 2019

Actor and Producer, Cesar Montano welcomes Timothy Schwab in Paranaque where he declares he watches The God Culture videos. 

The beautiful congregation in Butuan was moving as recently deceased Pastor Ian Calo's memory flourished in his teachings of Solomon's Gold Series to his followers weekly and even to his doctors and nurses to the end. 


   In addition to viewer contributions by the many thousands, The God Culture Research Team has been hard at work for over 5 years discovering Ophir, Sheba, Tarshish, the Garden of Eden, Land of Creation, the inhabitants of Qumran, etc. absorbing thousands of documents in consideration in their research. Their members are former ministers mostly with non-denominational mega-churches of varied educational backgrounds and business experience who have watched what they view as the degradation of Yahuah's concept of ekklesia mixed and infused with several occult principles. They can trace some of these doctrinal origins to the Egyptian Book of the Dead, Zorastrian Zend Avesta, Freemasonry, even Nephilim doctrine of demons literally and other occult ties which do not EVER belong in the church. Many pastors accept an I.V. of bad theology mixed with good which they never test with scripture nor question though they should especially in this age. The God Culture is done with such false paradigms of control which is why they have no affiliation with any denomination nor religion. They just believe the Bible for what it says and desire to restore its original intent. 

   Their team works on a volunteer basis to assist Timothy and Anna in their aims and they will remain anonymous because they do not desire credit – just the restoration of truth. Besides, they will all allow Timothy to be pictured with libelous clown faces, nasty names, racist Indian headdresses, outright lies, and all of the Cyber Libel and illegal behavior that has followed. They expected ridicule but not from these illiterate children posing as adults whose only intent is to libel, disparage, slander, deceive, marginalize, and ultimately polarize because what they cannot do is disprove. The Philippines will rise against this corruption and throw it out on its ear because Messiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel said so. 


   The God Culture would like to offer special thanks to the Republic of the Philippines Secretary of Religious Affairs, Dr. Grepor Butch Belgica for his support and contribution of the Foreward for Solomon's Treasure books. The Philippines is blessed to have such a man and his family. Yah Bless Bishop Butch.

   TGC would also like to offer a big maraming salamat po to all of their viewers and supporters who have taken this journey with them over the past years. We love you all and no matter how much playing around in censorship that YouTube, Facebook or whoever commits, they will continue to teach. Even when Rabbi Egghead buys all the ads on their videos to attempt to lead you away and marginalize their efforts, TGC will not be discouraged. When videos became a challenge with their almost 100,000 subscribers no longer being notified illegally by YouTube, they began to publish books and will continue to adapt as needed. There are more materials on the way and more genres in which The God Culture will be entering soon. They will never give up on this message just because some ignorant people think they are gods and wish to silence this message as if it requires their approval. They cannot.

Cebu City | Oct. 2019