Timothy Teaches The God Culture research at U.S.E.P. Sports Dome, Davao.

Biography of Timothy Schwab, Our Founder (Authorized, Official Biography):

For over two years, Timothy Schwab produced videos of the research journey for The God Culture without even taking credit. He and all of the team wanted to maintain the priority for judging such a team of researchers in a Biblical sense. Especially from their mega-church backgrounds, they had too often experienced a man build his resume on the backs of others for his own gain in a freemasonic system not a Biblical one. The fact is in Matthew 7, Messiah defines the way in which one judges such a group. It is not by resume as every false prophet possesses a very good one – it is by their fruits. The fruits of The God Culture are demonstrated by the many thousands of comments to their channel in which many have focused on deeper relationship with Messiah as a result of their work. This matters most and there is no other Biblical measure.


In developing conferences throughout the Philippines to physically delineate their research from their YouTube Channel, Timothy began to release his name for that purpose. Timothy Schwab is not a missionary nor is this a missions organization nor are they in any way affiliated with such. However, even though he has over 30 years of ministry experience and high-level business experience in the publishing arena, Timothy Schwab continues to keep the focus in judging this group where it belongs – it’s fruit. There is no debating that this channel has generated good fruit. One can disagree with a position or finding of one series or another or even the interpretation of a scripture but that is not fruit nor would it make them any less effective. In fact, they source their materials to a far greater degree than most other YouTube Channels so all may check out each slide for themselves which is what they encourage in every video – “Prove all things hold fast that which is good.” (1 Thess. 5:21) Anyone walking away from this research with no good, is not sincere.


At the age of 12, Timothy received a calling to minister to others. He began in a puppet ministry that travelled and they advanced into dramas and teachings. He, then, began leading worship at the age 14 while also teaching Sunday School. By 17 years old, Timothy toured as lead singer and President of a Christian Rock Group as an evangelist for five years. In the meantime, he completed seminary courses through his non-denominational faith and was ordained as a Reverend. Though never taking the path of a Senior Pastor, Timothy became Youth Pastor as well as other positions while ramping up a career in publishing at the same time. His career rose to the rank of a Publisher for one of the top-selling newsstand magazines in the world among others. In the meantime, he led worship for mega-churches and continued in numerous ministry roles including helps ministry at nursing homes, homeless shelters, prisons, etc. while still focused on youth many times. Over all, his ministry experience is over 30 years and his business experience about the same even finding time for college but never living on a campus.


Timothy Schwab and his Filipina wife met while ministering at the Homeless Shelter and other places. They knew each other for two years before dating and getting married. In doing so, they submitted to the authority of the mega-church within they ministered. These Pastors fully vetted this couple. The Pastors of this church then, married Tim and Anna in their chapel with many in attendance in full support. Tim and Anna both continued to minister in this same church with the full endorsement of their marriage. There is a blogger with the gull to dare question this in Cyber Libel and steer clear of his satanic aims. Of course, that blogger has not produced any evidence that he has ever had any ministry experience and certainly not enough to overrule the words of Messiah and the decision of not only the pastors at that church who married them but all the many pastors they have worked with since.


All of this experience represents only Tim’s contribution to the team. The God Culture is a group of independent researchers not a person and Tim has never taken such credit nor ever said otherwise. Their research comes from different backgrounds within the church but they do not focus on any denomination, denominational doctrine nor are they affiliated with any organization whatsoever. They also cover largely geography and principally the channel has mostly covered such with great accuracy in the face of false paradigms from the establishment which they have proven many times. Restoring this geography restores prophecy and understanding as well as history. The God Culture is not building a movement, not taking memberships nor demanding tithes nor offerings even though some have asked for a way to give and they have provided such. They have a Patreon account for this purpose. This is extremely frustrating to their enemies who wish to place them in a box in order to debate a denominational paradigm to which they fit none. They want to characterize a group that wants money yet The God Culture does not ask for such and in fact, never even allowed anyone to give for over 2 years. They read the Word and test it expanding into other disciplines for research and it led them to Ophir. Their method is very effective in uncovering the truth and many thousands have said so including many pastors, seminarians, rabbis, professors, doctors, lawyers, government officials, etc. Those wishing to keep the Philippines, Ophir down where the Colonialists brought it, despise their efforts and this is a great thing. The God Culture despises their justification of satanic aims. They will always be attacked and they will respond just as Messiah and the prophets did with strength not weakness. They prove the Philippines is Ophir and it has been over 3 years now and no one has been able to disprove it. Therefore, those enemies begin to orchestrate personal attacks which is already underway. Is that Biblical? No, and those do not represent the Bible nor Yahuah in any sense. However, The God Culture will stick to the Bible as the foundation of their research and represent multiple disciplines in their approach. In doing so, they challenge tradition and some things pass the test and others do not. Some even prove to have occult origins and they will expose that whenever they find it. They only ask you to watch, test their findings and know and apply them for yourself. “Prove all things.” Yah Bless.

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